Uncategorized May 12, 2022


Busting at the seams and outgrowing their first condo purchase years earlier, the Newell family was ready to move up to a new home.

Frustrated with the San Jose market and the inability to find the size home they wanted within their budget, they turned to me when Callie’s mom, Aleen, mentioned that she knew a REALTOR® in South County [Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy].

South county is a wonderful mix of small town feel with big town amenities wrapped up in the charm of country living, farms, vineyards that rival the likes of Napa, older homes and new construction. What once was just a nod as you traveled past the 7 exits that lead to the beauty of this area, South County has grown to welcome many Silicon Valley families wanting a more elbow room for less. Remember the old car commercial “drive a little, save a lot”? That tagline is still true to this day and it didn’t take long for Callie and Chris to want to see more of the area once they visited and saw how far their budget could go!

One concern I point out to my clients is the commute. Only a mere 10-20 miles down 101 from the 85 exit will quickly get you to the shops, dining, wine tasting, outlets and many stops in this 3 town county but that being said, I want them fully aware of the impact those extra miles can add to an already congested San Jose rush hour commute. First step with the Newells was to have them drive by a few homes they liked directly after work. They did their homework for a few weeks and identified neighborhoods and homes they liked. I honestly don’t remember any other home we looked at prior to the one they chose. The moment I opened the door and they stepped in the home, we all knew “this was the one”. Strange but true, when a home meets many of “must haves” on a check list doesn’t always mean it will be perfect for the buyer but when you do feel it, there’s no denying that overwhelming feeling that “you’re home” and we all felt it. Callie wasn’t two feet in the door when she quickly identified where the Christmas tree would go, mind you it was January when we were home shopping and without skipping a beat she saw the open rail staircase and blurted out “this is where Lauren will have her prom pictures taken!”. It will be a few years before Lauren goes to her first prom but it’s emotions like those that make me work so hard to see my clients dream become a reality.

And then those feelings turn to fear and desperation, which is never a good because you become completely obsessed with “this” home and emotionally attached which makes the offer process a grueling process of waiting and praying that your offer is the best offer. We also had our work cut out for us because the Newells were in the process of selling their current home which meant we had to get our offer accepted contingent on their SJ home selling…. not an easy feat when there are literally dozens of offers for every home available and many that wouldn’t have a contingency like that. Lucky for us the amazing list agent knew they wouldn’t have any trouble getting into contract on their SJ home and counseled her client that our offer was the best one though it would take the longest to close. The seller was willing to wait the few extra weeks and though it felt like “forever” the whole process actually went smoothly for the most part.

The Newells have settled in nicely in their new home that more than doubled their original sq footage. At this time they’ve opted to keep Lauren and Mason in their original schools which gives them the ability to use the commuter lanes to and from work, a system that seems to be working for them.

One great extra benefit of my job is that often I become very close to the people in the family I’m helping. I love that our relationships continue beyond the “sale” and that my clients not only call me for advice but often just to catch up and say hello! In fact, recently Callie and Lauren surprised me with Valentine flowers “just because” she was in my neighborhood and she loves the florist near my house. Wtih fringe benefits like that, is it any wonder why I love what I do?

Happy House Anniversary Chris, Callie, Lauren and Mason! I wish you many more years of happiness, love and laughter in your dream home!